Star Mother Cosmic Guide To Nurturing Your Soul


After a long warm shower with your favorite soap, why not cuddle up & get into a good book likeĀ  Star Mother A Cosmic Guide To Nurturing Your Soul?

So excited to share that I had the opportunity to write a chapter of this amazing little self-care guide with 10 other phenomenal women healers that are apart of my Holistic Fashionista tribe. My chapter walks you through creating your own crystal bathing therapy session, so you’re able to focus on yourself in the company of high vibrations.

Star Mother A Cosmic Guide To Nurturing Your Soul is a book of rites of passages dedicated to healing the inner child, resolving past traumas, and acknowledging (and calming) the negative chatter that is screaming for comfort. From plant-based recipes and self-love rituals to nourishing activities and practical sage advice, this self-help handbook is a go-to guide to laying down roots with the Universe.



57 pages

1 – Introduction

2 – Your Pain Is Your Power

3- Letting Go Of The Mother As Martyr Archetype

4-It Is Your Choice

5- Feel Deeply: It Heals

6- How I finally Arrived At Sacred, Harmonious Union With Myself

7-Crystal Soak Therapy

8-Bringing Yourself Back From Despair: Learning To Self Soothe

9-Success Is Your First and Only Name

10-Finding The Forgotten Me

11- How To Create An Intimate Sanctuary To Deepen into Love

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