Health is wealth so let’s chat about how to use sea moss in your skincare.

Treating yourself Royal can look so many ways. While herbal bath and body care are my jam, I’m learning and leaning into ways to care for myself through nutrition as well. You are what you eat, which is a concept I never really grasped until I began my daily mediation and yoga practice. Now that I’m in this space I’m all about incorporating herbs and other health supplements to support my skin and daily energy.

Sea moss also referred to as Irish moss, is a type of sea algae prided on containing essential minerals for the body. The awesome team at Black and Nobel put me onto the myriad of its benefits; such as it’s ability to help with weight loss, skin health, regenerating cells within the body, and more. Once prepared in a powder or gel consistency sea moss can be added to smoothies, salad dressings, pasta sauces, and more. My favorite way to integrate this superfood into my lifestyle is through soaps, weekly facials & daily smoothies.


As of today, all Taila.Made soaps will be made with sea moss gel. After adding a few scoops to my recipes I noticed the soaps were creamier, sudsier, and left my skin soft and more hydrated. Everything an eczema enduring skin type such as myself dreams of. Royals can now expect more of a gentle, sudsy skin conditioning experience. Earth infused soaps are a great way to ease into a sea moss skincare routine because they are affordable. With consistent use, one may begin to see a clearer complexion & if living with eczema possibly less inflammation.  

Seamoss Smoothie


Adding the gel to my soaps was just the beginning of my relationship with this sea derived superfood. From there I moved onto incorporating it into my diet. I’m weird with textures and seamoss straight from a spoon, freaks me out – so I improvise by adding a spoonful or so to my daily lunch smoothie. It blends right in and after a week I began to feel less hungry, more energized, and saw a little extra radiance in my reflection. Check out my smoothie recipe here.

Aloe & Seamoss

Sea Moss & Aloe Face Mask

The last way I’ve been rockin with sea moss so far is by incorporating it into my weekly face mask recipe. Applying the gel to the face contributes to a youthful complexion and glow. My Sunday self-care mask is a combination of honey, aloe gel & sea moss. Mixing the below ingredients together and leaving them on the face for 15-20 minutes is a wonderful way to increase hydration and elasticity to the skin. Your face will feel supple and firm, which supports every woman’s natural glow nicely.


½ cup fresh Aloe gel

½ cup seamoss

2 tablespoons honey (optional)


  1. Add aloe gel, sea moss & honey to a bowl and mix together.
  2. Use brush or clean fingers to apply the mask to face.
  3. Let sit for 15-20 minutes
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  5. Pat skin dry with a clean towel.
  6. Apply pure Jojoba or Argan oil to face & massage into skin.

The more I work with sea moss in my diet and topical skin DIYs, the better I look & feel. This is why I encourage you to do your research and add sea moss into your life. Black & Noble is my go-to spot because they have everything the black body needs to function at it’s best. When you purchase Seamoss Gold in the raw form it will come in a hardened state.

Seamoss Gel

Preparing Your Sea moss

In order to use it as the gel mentioned above you will need to first prepare it. This is a simple task that should be done a day or two prior to when you would like to use it in the gel form. After removing the moss from the orginal packaging there are only a handful of steps you will need to take.

  1. Start by washing the sea moss thoroughly in distilled or spring water. The purpose of the initial wash is to clear the moss of the sand & dirt attached to it from its natural home in the sea.   Add the hardened seamoss to a bowl of pure water and give it a good scrub with your hands for about 6 minutes.
  2. Pour out the dirty water and add more water to the bowl, gently rub pieces together for another 5 mins and monitor if more debris comes off.  Pour out the water.
  3. The bowl should just have the seamoss in it at this point, now fully cover all of the moss with pure room temp  water and allow it to soak for 6-24 hours.
  4. When time is up, pour out water, leaving about ¼ of the liquid in the bowl.
  5. Add the remaining liquid and soaked sea moss to a blender or Nutri Bullet and blend.
  6. Once in a gel-like consistency, place in a clean glass jar and seal. Place the finished gel in the fridge and allow it to chill, this will slightly thicken the consistency.
  7. Your moss is now ready to use in smoothies, facials, soap and anything else you can think of !

Sea moss has so much to offer the body, let’s partake in the benefits! A spoonful a day may just keep the doctor away – so get in where you fit in and order you a batch today. If you’re team sea moss, let me know your favorite ways to take it in the comments or on IG under my Seamoss pic. I’m always looking for new ways to use it. If your new to this, give it a try, let me know how you feel after a week or 2 of consistent use. If you want to try a soap, hit the shop and take your pick.

Stay Healthy!

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