When the world starts whalln, I take a hot bath.

When my eczema flares up, to the tub I go.

When I check off everything on my to do list , I celebrate with a soak.

These steam sessions are my sacred space, time to reset and indulge in myself. I take the time seriously, and because of it, I have found I’m a lot more peaceful overall. Which is exactly why I want to share my herbal bathing secrets with you. If your familiar with the blog, you know I’m all about the sisterhood – I love to big up and help to calm down the Queens that are taking care of everyone but themselves. Been there, before bathing, meditation and yoga helped me start to heal.

Self-care is a sacred act and can look whatever way you need it to, the most important factor is that it feels right. Women are blessed with intuition, a portal that is best opened and observed in a quiet setting. Creating space in your schedule to focus on yourself will only enhance your natural ability, but we can get so caught up with life, we forget. Your health and wellness is too important for that, so it’s time to commit to checking in, and taking care.

How are you holding up with everything that’s currently taking place in this world? Maybe a  little tired, hell exhausted – wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, I feel you. May is mental health month & with a lot of us still in quarantine, why not take a break from it all and  take a soak ?

A shower is for convenience and a bath is indulgent.Bathing has the ability to soothe the body and relax the mind. Intention and additives make for a different experience each time. Now is the time to pour into yourself and connect on a higher level. Grab your favorite, drink draw a bath, and plan to spend 30 -45 minutes in your own world.

Herbal Bathing

Water is a healing tool, colder temperatures refresh the body & promote circulation, while the opposite releases toxins and eases pain in the body. Blending herbs and oils into the water enhance skin health and add aromatherapy benefits for the spirit.  Natural bathing as a luxury has origins in ancient Egypt, where good hygiene practices were encouraged. The Royals of the time, utilize natural hot tubs and adorned their bodies with handmade perfume oils and makeup. Just like the ancient Egyptians, many others have cultivated their own practices that also include herbs, oils, clay, and flowers. Incorporating earth derived elements for the purpose of the wound, muscle tension, and skin health is considered therapeutic bathing.

Infusing fragrant, aesthetically pleasing elements into and around the bathtub creates a tranquil environment. Think flower petals, bath salts, houseplants, and hydrosols, whenever you find yourself looking for a little TLC. Check out the shop for all of your herbal soap & crystal soaking salt needs. Since sharing peace inducing activities is my jam –  I’ve created a sweet little guide that lists the 5 types of natural baths you should start taking, like today. Test the recipes out, buy a new plant baby or 2, and indulge.  Let me know your favorite recipes over on IG. If you’re not in the mood to make anything, hit up the shop of all your luxury soaking staples.

Grab your copy here and enjoy!

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