I’m always preaching “Treat Yourself Royal” , allow me to explain how.

I’ve never met a woman, that wasn’t a Queen, between personal styling, a fashion merchandising program, and my Taila.Made journey – I’ve been around a bunch. I love yall! Our stories are as unique as our skin tones & eye shape. Good women make the world go round, the ones that nurture, hustle, listen, and love. Even when we’re tired. Even when we’re broke. Even when we need a moment to break down by ourselves. we give. It’s a beautiful quality to have, but are we caring for ourselves at the same level? Do we know how to?

Stress is some shit and when I lean into the energy of it, my skin is the first to show out. Eczema is funny like that, lifestyle factors such as anxiety, environment, and diet play a huge role in how the autoimmune deficiency can show up for an individual. For me, a flare-up typically appears on my hands and feet, but out of nowhere, the area will change. When this happens it is itchy and painful, and after a while depressing. These reoccurring flare-ups over the years have taught me how to take care of my skin & spirit. Each instance pushed me to be present with my situation, and evolve my lifestyle to a point, where I control my stress and toxic product count.

That’s my journey, for you stress may result in acne, overeating, or insomnia, all of which affect your overall wellbeing. It’s 2020, we’re tuning into ourselves and taking care accordingly. A practice I so affectionately refer to as treating yourself, Royal. Also referred to as self-care, the act of treating yourself is both a mindset and action that should be practiced often if not daily. You can’t be out here caring for everyone but yourself sis. Personal care can look so many ways, start by listening to your body & spirit for what it needs.

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Knowing What You Need

Treating yourself Royal can be as easy as googling self-care, reading through this blog, or taking a nap. You’re the Queen of your world, call the shots you please. What type of spaces, people, and activities bring you peace & renewal? Use that question to guide the experiences you create for yourself, so you will always find yourself replenished.

Here is a basic process you can use to tap into yourself & what you find feels best for you.

  1. Meditate – Right before you sit down to meditate, close your eyes, and set an intention – ‘what kind of care do I need today’ works for me. Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes & sit quietly in a dimly lit room. Your objective during this exercise will be to observe your breathing. Begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Observe what it feels like to inhale in and out slowly. If thoughts start to distract you, breathe in and out through your mouth so you are able to hear your exhale. Eventually, your focus should shift back to your breathing. Use this time to disconnect entirely and check in with how your body feels. While doing this, ideas may pop into your head like an activity you might want to try or place you may want to go. Make a mental note, and write it down when you open your eyes.
  2. Marinate– Now that you have cleared your mind, set an intention, and focused on yourself, literally, for 5-10 minutes, give yourself an additional 5 minutes to sit with any thoughts you might have since opening your eyes. You may have had ideas about what you need to do for self-care that day, or you may come out the med and realize your body hurts. Be sure to listen to both the mind and body.
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  1. Move – Once you have collected your thoughts go back to your natural flow. You can either act on ideas that may have come to you during your mediation, or you may go on with your day and just do what comes to you naturally. That may have been all the care you needed in this moment.

Royal Treatment Ideas Anyone?

If the above felt like a lot for right now, below are 10 ideas to get your wheels turning so you can start treating yourself Royal right now. When your ready, circle back read above and get your intuitive self-care life in 3 steps.On to the ideas!

  1. Take a bath or shower with your favorite soaps or soaks
  2. Take a walk
  3. Massage yourself with your favorite body oil or butter
  4. Drink a cup of coffee or tea outside
  5. Get lost in a great book
  6. Spend 20 minutes stretching your body from head to toe
  7. Call one of your favorite people & catch up
  8. Put on your favorite lingerie + perfume and dance
  9. Close your eyes and listen to your breath for 5 mins
  10. Treat your feet to a pedicure

Being a woman is bomb, even more so when connected to your intuition. When you appreciate & are open to your inner knowing it will always serve you well. Make it a point to start treating yourself like the Royalty your energy is. You deserve it, now actually go do it! Let me know your favorite way to take-care in the comments or on IG.

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