Happy International Women’s Day!

We are amazing! I hope you spent the day resting and enjoying the extra hour of sunlight. Every Sunday, or at least one day a week, should be spent spoiling yourself like the Queen you are. In honor of the day I’ve made a list of 20 ways, you can care & love on yourself while also supporting a woman-owned business.  Pick your favorites and then share with a friend, support of the sisterhood is powerful for a small business.  

There are a lot of Philly based companies on my list, so if your local – enjoy, if not, I have online options to ! Self-care can be hard for those that are so great at giving and that’s ok, be patient but persistent with yourself. Your needs matter & need to be recognized, remember you deserve time for your spirit to rest so you can be at your best. Below is a collection of wellness pursuits I’ve tried & loved or have on my list to get into.  Look into whatever speaks to you and enjoy it!

30 Ways To Selfcare

  1. Hike & Heal with kindred spirits in Philly.
  2. Get a Gua Sha facial from the best Lynn Gallagher.
  3. Pick up the best in black beauty from Marsh & Mane Natural Hair & Lifestyle Boutique.
  4. Chill out in the tub with Taila.Made Earth Infused Luxuries.
  5. Take a yoga or meditation class at Vitality meditation.
  6. Stock up on Sea Moss or Divine Woman cleanse from Black and Nobel in The Vision Venue .
  7. Add some art to your walls by These pink lips & Cristina Martinez .
  8. Wrap up in a beautiful textile by Simone Evans .
  9. Boutique Bounce from the The Sable Collective to Milano Di Rouge to Diafora Style & Royal K Boutique .
  10. Burn something that smells sweet like a LitBklyn candle.
  11. Adorn yourself in laceby Tanaya or wasistbeadsbyfatou .
  12. Commit to your health & move with Brittne Babe & Keaira Lashae .
  13. Tap into your inner bohemian with coffee table books & home decor by the Jungalow .
  14. Switch up your feminine care products to something natural like Honeypot.
  15.  Snuggle up with a journal and self-love book by Alex Elle .
  16. Heal yourself with Queen Afua or Ra Sekhi Temple books.
  17. Start or deepen your yoga practice with Yoga Greenbook.
  18. Send someone you love a handwritten letter with sustainable stationery by Aya Paper Co.
  19. Wrap your hair up with wrap queen turbans.
  20. Pop open a bottle of Stuyvesant Champagne with your favorite faces.
  21. Stock up on Seamoss & black authored books at Black & Nobel
  22. Chill chill in a Bellargo sweatsuit.
  23. Paint your nails a pretty color with Mischo vegan nail polish.
  24. Fall in love with your next statement piece at Nichole Lynel & Kosmios
  25. Pick up some back to the office pieces at Midget Giraffe
  26. Add to your longer drawer with Wavy fox NYC , Love Vera & Hook Intimates
  27. Get your black home in order with books & candles by Neffi Walker.
  28. Workout in something cute from Kemetic Knowledge or
  29. Find some cute frames that fit your face at Coco & Breezy
  30. Keep your glow safe with blackgirlsunscreen.

Self-care looks different for everyone, the list is meant to inspire curiosity into new brands and activities. These are just a handful of queen owned companies, but there are so many more to discover.  All of the women in the above list have created businesses to support you in your life & wellness journey. Look into them and let me know which ones you love below.