Plant those seeds! Tonight’s new moon is the last lunar cycle before the new astrological year begins.

In addition to that, Mercury is still in retrograde, since there is alot of energy in the stars this on this self-care Sunday, let’s take it easy. Just like you can find the moon slowly dissolving into the night sky, I made a conscious choice to be off the radar today. I woke up with no alarm, made a breakfast I loved and spent the day reading on herbs and healing. During this moon phase, one should be reflecting on the energy and intentions they wish to draw into their lives during this new astrological year. For anyone that wasn’t ready for the New Year in January, tonight is your chance to start your new chapter.

New Moons are all about manifestation and are my favorite time for personal oracle card pulls, goddess baths, yoga, and outdoor journaling if the weather permits. I like to connect with myself by disconnecting from social media, work, and my usual shows. Instead, I take some time to do a full-body crystal chakra balancing layout, indulge in a long yoga practice and spoil myself with my favorite healthy desserts. These activities help quiet my usual mind chatter and allow for inner guidance.

Walking into a new year actually or astrologically is major, you want to come correctly. Rituals are encouraged to amplify the energy surrounding the different moon phases. The new moon specifically is a time to focus on the creation and following divine guidance surrounding aligned intentions.


Plant signify new life and growth. My favorite way to illustrate a new phase of self-development is through physically planting seeds or potting a new plant. The activity requires a handful of supplies and signifies a powerful energy exchange. It is important when attracting something that an action of creating space has been done to allow for whatever newness is expected to come in.

Seeds of Intention Ritual

  1. On the day of up to three days after the new moon, head to a local plant nursery and pick up your favorite seeds or baby plant. If you chose a plant, make sure to pick up a separate flower pot for repotting purposes.
  2. Gather ritual supplies; your plant/ seeds, potting soil, a flower pot, smudge stick, matches, a rose quartz crystal, piece of paper and pen.
  3. Spend 30 minutes thinking about what you hope to achieve this year, break your goals down into smaller milestones, quarterly, monthly, by the new moon, whichever time-frame works for your spirit.
  4. Once you have decided your goals for each time period, write 3 intentions you have for yourself between today & the next new moon on March 24th. After you have written your goals down, cut then into 3 small pieces.
  5. Take 10 minutes to meditate on the 3 intentions you wrote down, allow yourself to visualize how you will achieve your goals, when time is up, write down any thoughts that stuck with you.
  6. Begin to fill your flower pot with potting soil, when you have filled half of the pot, bury your 3 pieces of paper, with your intentions written on them, into the dirt.
  7. Then place your seeds or plant on top of the paper and fill the rest of the pot with soil.
  8. Once the pot is filled place 2 ice cubes on top and allow them to melt into the soil.
  9. Now place the rose quartz stone into the pot of the plant to illustrate enhanced love and allow your intentions to evolve!

This ritual is a wonderful expression of growth and is unique to each person that partakes in it. Flowers like humans carry different energies and bloom into different visual experiences, which is a lovely way to gauge your personal growth through the seasons. It’s always a great time for a new plant, but for me, New Moons make it even more special.

Happy New Moon Royals! May all your intentions come to fruition for many moons to come!

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