Be good to your body & start a beauty smoothie ritual.

There is nothing like basking in your own natural beauty. Why not partake in indulgent skincare rituals so your skin can sing it’s most beautiful song. Green ingredients when used inside & out have a way of revealing a softer, more radiant reflection. This beauty smoothie is one of my favorite ways to enhance my glow and overall wellbeing. The combination of spinach, blueberries, Seamoss & Avocado is filling, sweet  & refreshing. A delicious way to start the morning.

Eczema has had a lifelong relationship with me and is the cause of many of my skincare rituals & regimens.  My specific condition extends across my legs, feet, hands, and fingers. Irritants for me include cold weather, pollen, synthetic fabric, stress, certain soaps, detergents, and dust. It was my lifestyle with atopic dermatitis that inspired me to create intentional self-care experiences like morning smoothies & before bed baths with my favorite sandman crystal salts to keep my body & spirit nourished.

Mango Avocado

A smoothie is a thick creamy drink made of plants, fruits, ice, milk or yogurt. Beauty supporting ingredients like mango, blueberries, avocado, oranges, papaya & kiwi provides the skin with various nutrients that result in a clearer complexion & radiant glow. My boyfriend put me on to my first green goodness shake in the summer of last year. I was struggling with the idea of slurping down a helping of fruits & veggies, so he recommended I keep it simple with a few ingredients I knew I would like. My research and intution led me to the below full bodied shake. Daily consumption resulted in clearer skin, increased energy throughout the day and weight loss in the waist.

Different fruits and veggies nourish your body in different ways, so I encourage you to do some research on what will help you reach your goals. Below are the ingredients I decided on based on my desired results and personal flavor preferences.

Green Goodness Beauty Smoothie

1 cup Spinach – helps to remove toxins from the body

1 Banana cut-up- work well to moisturize and keep skin soft & supple.

1 small Avocado cubed –  this fatty fruit helps to keep the skin hydrated.

1/2 Mango cubed – rich in skin-loving antioxidants, this juicy stone fruit rejuvenates the complexion.

1 tablespoon Almond Butter – full of vitamin E which promotes healthy skin & hair.

1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk- is a great nourishing agent for the skin.

1 tablespoon Sea Moss gel – contains essential minerals that improve overall skin health.

1/2 cup Blueberries-slow down the aging process, also full of antioxidants.

If you opted for a different ingredient list than above, decide on your ingredients, cut them up and add them to your Nutri-bullet. Blend up your green smoothie goodness and start your day with a cupful of nutrients, both your skin & body will thank you.  .If you’re into the idea of starting a smoothie ritual I suggest purchasing a Nutri bullet, some fresh produce from your local farmers market or garden and getting started. We all deserve to feel great and have fabulous skin, sticking to little commitments like these are the key to this. Happy beauty shaking Royals!

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