Therapeutic steam session anyone?

Details make all the difference when it comes to your skin and self-care. Whether its crystals, candles or your favorite soaps incorpororating little pieces of personality into your care rituals make you love caring for yourself more. On the 2nd Sunday of the month, I’ve made a ritual of starting my week off by adding a fresh bundle of Eucalyptus to my shower head. It takes maybe 5 minutes to place and then brings so much pleasure when I lug myself into the shower at 6 am on weekday mornings.

Spa in the shower

Depending on my mood I might add rose stems for more fragrance or a different flower for visual beauty. You can be as creative as you want, all you will need to do is stop at your local produce junction or florist for a bouquet of eucalyptus. After about 3 weeks of hanging upside down, your stems will begin to dry out, at this point, you could transport them into a vase for a dry floral arrangement, that would be cute in the bathroom.

Showering under an Eculaptyus bouquet is not only beautiful its also aromatic. Inhaling the steam produced from the warm water ( in my case scolding) opens your chest, clears the mind and refreshes the spirit, all in the amount of time it takes you to shower. It’ s a really peaceful ritual, that I encourage you to try. If Eucalyptus isn’t your thing, use a bouquet of red roses they all give off flower power.

Shower into a Spa 2

Real quick, let’s recap the process;

  1. Pick up your bouqet from the produce or florsit
  2. Once home, adhere the bouqet to your shower head witht twine, or some kind of tie or string.
  3. Secure the bouquet to the shower head and adjust to your preference
  4. Admire your touch of nature prior to jumping in the shower for an herbal steam session.

Sundays are for testing new ways to Treat yourself Royal. Let me know how you like this plant project, on my IG feed under the pic of the Eculyaptus wrapped shower head. Have a wonderful week!

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