The super snow moon on Feb 19, is said to be the closet & brightest of the year, let’s celebrate with a soak!

Lunar rituals are a great day to get in touch with yourself and the natural cycle of the universe.

Why would you want that? For me the practice is a balancing exercise, rituals are created during the new and full moons that fall during each month. New moons represent new beginnings, while full moons mark closure. How you celebrate each cycle is up to you, it can be a bath, cleansing your crystals, a night walk or a simple gratitude list. The point is that you take time to connect with yourself and the energy of the moon.

Moon rituals date back to Ancient Egpyt and before, where civilizations would worship and use the phases to dictate the cycles of life. While the sun carries an energy of action the moon gives a calmer vibe. Working with the moon allows one quiet time for introspection, meditation, and journaling.

Super snow moon rose bath 2

Flowers possess unique healing earth energy that can be seen and felt. Think back to the last time you were surprised with or treated yourself to a bouquet – good vibes only right. This is why I incorporate flowers into all of my moon rituals, be it in a bath, body oil, or project.

Being that it’s the Sunday after Valentine’s day, Roses are the flowers we will be working with. This bath is a simple floral soak intended to relax the spirit and soften the skin. All of the ingredients can be found on Amazon,get the roses from your local prodcue or grocery.


1 cup Epsom Salt

1 bowl of white rose petals (about 4 cups)

2 drops sweet almond oil

2 drops Rose Otto essential oil (optional)

Fill the tub with lukewarm water, when almost filled add Epsom salts, almond and rose otto essential oil. When tub reaches your desire, turn off water and empty bowl of roses into the tub. Step into your botanical oasis and enjoy. If your digging this magical moon bath, make it apart of your monthly self-care practice.

Happy Snow Moon!

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