Sooo set aside some time for yourself today & every Sunday hereafter.

Everyone should be spoiling themselves with self-love. Period. A personal relationship with yourself sets the standard for how you allow others to treat you. Caring for yourself is an act of understanding of who you are and what you need from life at this moment.  Merriam Webster defines love as a strong affection, warm attachment and devotion towards another – the same is true for how one loves themselves. Spend a little time each Sunday getting to know a new dimension of your being or simply sitting with your thoughts.

What is Self-care?

Treating yourself, Royal is the intention to enhance your personal care practices. The elite ancient Egyptians are known for surrounding themselves with natural oils, incenses & crystals, the same can be done today.   Simple steps like ritualizing personal care routines, protecting your peace with the word No or giving yourself time to find experiences you enjoy is all it takes to treat yourself. It looks different for everyone but you’ll know it’s right by the feeling it gives you. A hint – you’ll feel peaceful and in the moment while doing whatever it is.

Selflove is . . #Goals 1

To understand how to give to yourself, I recommend reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Intended to help readers identify, grasp and speak the love language of their partner, I find this book is great at giving insight into your own needs.

If you’re into the idea of spoiling yourself, but would rather not read the book I mentioned above, cool. I’ve listed 28 simple Sunday self-care sessions you can treat yourself below. My favorites are a hot bath, a.m yoga session and a good book with hot tea. Let the below inspire your own rituals and then go spend the rest of your Sunday loving on yourself.

Share your favorites with me below or slide in my DMs on IG.

Treat Yourself!

-Hot tea and a book

-Self Massage

-A 20-minute meditation

-A.M yoga session

-Play with plants

-Spend time in a Metaphysical store/ Botanica

-Do a full body stretch routine

-Sleep in high thread count sheets

-Take A warm . . .or scolding hot bath

-Buy a bouquet of flowers

-Write yourself a love letter

-Call a person that brings you peace

-Watch your favorite movie


-Start A bullet journal

-Cook a meal you love

-Develop a craft of interest

-Listen to Jazz music

-Sew something cute

-DIY natural beauty

-Upcycle something

-Smudge your space

-Write a gratitude list

– Build something from scratch

-Take a class or free workshop of interest

-Go candle shopping

– Move; dance, run, box

-Rearrange your favorite spaces

Self-care is meant to service the mind, body, and spirit, this list is merely an introduction to all the ways you can choose to care for yourself. Are any of these ideas something you would consider peaceful? Let me know why or why not below. Sunday Self-care is my shit – check back every Sunday for different ideas and recipes you can try at home to care and cater to yourself.

Always rooting for you to treat yourself, Royal.

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