So many reasons to love one soap – but do you know the different DIYs you can do?

Raw African black soap has been a skincare secret in the African American community for years. Growing up my dad would use the U.S version for his eczema, always referring to the bar as black soap. When I moved back home from college with my serve hand flare-ups, I was introduced to the raw African soap that I now carry in the Taila. Made shop.

There is a difference between black & African black soap. Brands that offer a black soap bar, that’s smooth are offering the U.S version. The raw type is usually purchased from an African supplier, comes as a brown chunk, that can be cut or broken off and is most commonly derived from Nigeria & Ghana. It is made from the ashes of plantain skin, cocoa pods, palm leaves, and oil. Formulations slightly differ around the region with some makers adding shea butter or coconut oil to increase moisture.


Before I reveal a couple recipes, let me share a short list of benefits your skin experiences each time you later up with a piece of Motherland magic.

Antiaging – the antioxidants fight premature wrinkles & fine lines.

Improves skin tonefirms and tones leaving skin soft and supple

Reduces Inflammation– soothing to irritated, itchy & uncomfortable skin areas

Improves Skin appearance – by fading discolorations & evening out inflamed skin and repairing skin frustrations like blackheads,stretch marks, acne, eczema and

Reduces Razor Bumps – Protects skin from blades + a super lather great for shaving legs

Exfoliating – The ash particles give a gentle to semi harsh exfoliating quality that buffs away dead skin.

Makeup remover – Deep cleansing with antibacterical properies combine with the natural oils that improve skin texture.

The African Black soap chunks we offer include Shea, but can still be drying for sensitive skin types. I’ve created 2 super moisturizing recipes to encourage everyone to use their black soap chunks up .


The below recipes start with a liquified black soap base. This is achieved by pouring boiling water on top of black soap chunks resulting in a liquid base. From there you can incorporate different carrier & essential oils that speak to your skincare needs.

1.Raw Shaving Suds -Rub soap until it lathers and apply it to your legs/ patch you are shaving. Alternately you can be fancy about it, to do so gather a mini bottle, and make your own luxe liquid black soap. Simply break off a small to medium size piece of the soap, cover with a cup of boiling water. Allow the soap to break down and mix into the water. When finished you will have brown soapy water. Pour the water through a strainer to collect any loose particles and add to your bottle. Now we mix! Add in a teaspoon of raw honey for moisturizing properties or a handful of your favorite carrier oils – I love Olive & sweet almond. Finish your soapy water by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils lavender, rose or lemongrass for example. When your formula is complete – you shave.

2.Shampoo -Just like the shaving suds you have two options for using black soap on your hair. 1. Rub the bar together in your hands until it lathers and then massage until suds appear in the hair. Spend at least 5 minutes applying the soap to your hair to ensure all strands are covered.

Make your own liquid Black soap shampoo: 1 part black soap, 1 part water-combined the same way as above, 3 drops tea tree oil, 3 drops argan oil 3 drops castor. Add all ingredients to a travel size bottle and shake well, once mixed your wash day ready.

So now you see what all the hype is about and why you should get a chunk of your own. African Black soap is available in the shop. Gather your goods and spend some time on a Sunday mixing together your own bottle of soapy goodness. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

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