Staple 1: Care & cleanse your temple with soothing Earth inspired soaps

Eczema has always been a part of my life, making me hypersensitive to every element that comes in contact with my skin. Flare-ups are no joke and come out of what seems like nowhere making your skin itch, sting and bleed. The best part, there is no cure for eczema, only education to help you keep it calm. In my early twenties, I experienced what felt like a 6-month flare up on my hands. It was awful lots of tears, chapped skin & blood.

While my skin was inflamed & cracked from this extreme eczema episode my dermatologists offered a round of oral steroids, which provided temporary relief, then a recommendation for radiation. I wasn’t down for it, instead, I opted for personal research and product experimentation with natural ingredients which led to my love of herbal soapmaking.

What are Herbal Soaps?

Plant-based is another way of defining herbal soaps. Taila.Made infuses our Almond, Avocado & Olive base oils with local, hydrating, herbs like Chamomile, Calendula & Hibiscus that are beneficial to dry, sensitive and eczema enduring skin types. Sensitive skin is can be easily irritated by fragrance and harsh chemicals found in commercial soaps because they further dry out the skin. Natural soaps are formulated with nourishing oils, clays, and butters that instead hydrate the skin while gently cleansing.

Vegan soaps soften, nourish and offer a deep cleanse to the Royal using them. My skin gets extremely dry in the winter, keeping moisture locked in is a full-time focus. Using Taila.Made soaps in conjunction with herbal body butters keep my skin hydrated and happy. Skincare is much easier since incorporating herb infused soaps that soothe the mind, body, and spirit.

Sensitive Skin Secret : Herbal Soaps 2

Natural Soap Benefits

  1. Chemical Free – Ingredients you apply topically will either agree with or agitate your skin. Traditional soaps include harsh chemicals that can clog pores and fragrance that irritate sensitive skin. Commercial soaps zap moisture from already dry skin causing extreme itching and inflammation.
  2. Moisturizing– Natural soaps don’t contain the ingredients that irritate and inflame the skin. Instead, formulations like Taila.Made’s are a mixture of nourishing, essential oils and rich butter that hydrate dry skin which help maintain one’s natural glow.
  3. Aromatic– Earthy aromas seduce your senses while soothing skin frustrations simultaneously.
  4. Nourishing– Herbally infused soaps leave the skin soft, smooth & supple.

Again, traditional soaps are drying, suffocating to your pores and may be linked to certain skin allergies. You should try a natural soap. . or two. The best way to evaluate if they are for you is to test out the soap on a patch of your skin, like forearm or wrist and go from there.

Treat yourself to Earth inspired essentials. Shop my moisturizing herbal soaps here if you want to experience the difference for yourself. Have you tried herb infused soaps before, will you after reading this post? Share your thoughts below.

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