Make a New Year promise to put yourself first, I even made you a printable calendar so you know it’s real.

Once you do, everything else will act accordingly. Resolve this year to stop dreaming & start doing. Action has had the highest rate of return in my business – so I’m carrying the strategy forth into 2019. There is magic in listening to your soul especially when you choose to write it down. That being said, my self-care this Sunday is scheduling time for myself and goals for Taila.Made for all of 2019, wanna join me?

There was a time when I thought the Universe was going to show me my next step because I asked. It wasn’t until I began meditating, intentionally going within to hear what my spirit had to say, that I began to recognize & capitalize on my natural talents and true interests.

Whatever your dream is today, use the calendar and flowchart to build an action plan around attaining it. My version of a strategy session looks like; 1/3 dreaming of what to do, 1/3 narrowing down the dream list and 1/3 documenting the actions you’re going to take to accomplish the goal. Make a delicious lunch, throw on some jazz and spend your Sunday afternoon catering to your creative or career blueprint.

2019 Strategy Session 2

Strategy sessions are more fun, and productive when you have worksheets to help guide your thoughts into a structured plan. Download my 2019 Flow & Forecast pack to get started on an action plan to achieving your goals. Planning brings me peace, something I believe everyone deserves to walk into a New Year with. Here ’s how to use the printables.

  • Past, Present, Future Flow Sheet – Jot down lessons learned, current dreams and future goals in one place so you’re able to gauge your top priorities and the action steps for the year.
  • 2019 Calendar Sheets– 12-month calendar, quarterly goal sheet, a weekly to-do list to keep you organized + a self-care Sunday planner to encourage your weekly me time practice.

After downloading, start with the flowsheet so your able to focus on what’s important to you. Consider asking people in your inner circle what they think of when asked about you. My boyfriend pointed out my natural love of writing years before I decided to take it seriously. If you want to keep the process internal, think back to things you have been doing since childhood, it may take a little time, but it will come to you.

Once finished the flow sheet, work through the 12-month calendar and map out important dates for selfcare, social and professional events. Utilize the weekly planner as a general to do list or print out a page weekly and keep track of your important appointments as they come.

I believe in self-care and encourage every woman to create rituals around her personal needs. You deserve Royal treament in all aspects – planning your life in a way that caters to what is important to you is part of that process. This week you’re mapping out your dream life, next week you take a yoga class, both forms of care rejuvenate your being and are necessary – make the time for it mandatory.

Spend the time you need to work through the sheets and then the calendar. Give yourself a moment this weekend to reflect on the blessings, lessons, and shit you overcame in 2018 – take a deep breath – and then set your sights on everything your coming for in 2019. You got this sis.

I like to do this exercise on printables in case I need to toss the first draft. Once my thoughts are in place, I’m ready for and on the hunt this year’s planner – does anyone have a favorite – share your favorite links with me below.

Happy New Year & self-care Sunday!

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