Have any NYE bubbly leftover ?

If yes, you should treat yourself to your first decadent soak of 2019 to get ready for your week ahead. A handful of ingredients are all you need to bring this spa quality bath into a tub near you. Dipping in a bottle of your best bubbly isn’t always feasible, which makes this recipe a nice treat & super Royal way to bring in the New Year. You deserve it, and your skin will enjoy the added moisture and tone.

Rose Milk Bath

Poppn bottles is fun because of the bubbles -not so much once it goes flat -rather than waste the rest, add it to a warm bath with a few other goodies and induglge. A good tub ritual gives the same vibes as eating healthy, drinking water and a good stretch. Make time to incorporate practices that feed your soul.

Ready for the recipe?

Rosé Milk Bath

Draw your bath water, when the tub is 1/2 full add;

1 cup of Champagne

1 cup Epsom salt

1/2 cup Buttermilk (if desired)

2 drops Sweet Almond oil

1 cup fresh Rose petals

2 drops Jasmine essential oil

Aromatic and alluring, this spritzy Rose water bath is one of my favorite blends. The Epsom salt soothes tired muscles while the champagne tightens the skin, causing a tone appearance. A few drops of almond oil adds an extra layer of moisture to the skin with the Rose petals & essential oil as a feminine finishing touch. Warm to slightly hot water feels amazing, make this bath happen – thank me later.

Rose Bath Recipe

It’s a New Year Royal! You deserve to bathe in bubbly, roses and skin nourishing salts while dreaming of the possibilities you will accomplish this year. Now you have a recipe to get to it, enjoy!

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Treat Yourself Royal,

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