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January, 2019

3 Feel Better Bath Recipes You Should Try

Created: 27 Jan 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

It’s ‘get sick season’ in the city and I’m trying not to be next. I hate feeling bad and I hate taking medicine. A slight scratch in my throat is the only sign I need to ...

Use Your Raw African Black Soap Chunk Like This

Created: 21 Jan 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

So many reasons to love one soap – but do you know the different DIYs you can do? Raw African black soap has been a skincare secret in the African American community for years. Growing up ...

Skincare Staple: Herbal Soap

Created: 13 Jan 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

Now's the time to ditch harsh soaps & get you a bar that benefits your skin.

Schedule Your Self Care 2019

Created: 07 Jan 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

Make a New Year promise to put yourself first, I even made you a printable calendar so you know it’s real. Once you do, ...

Try This Luxe Champagne Bath Tonight

Created: 02 Jan 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

Have any NYE bubbly leftover ? If yes, you should treat yourself to your first decadent soak of 2019 to get ready for your week ahead. A handful of ingredients are all you need to bring this spa ...