Add some warmth to your favorite spaces this Fall. 

It’s that time of the year, when the sun goes to sleep around 5pm, the temperature drops, and once I get home from work – there is a 98% chance, I’m not coming back out. As an introvert – it’s one of my favorite times of the year, a period of reflection and the opportunity to silently grind.  Home hibernation requires one to incorporate elements that promote unapologetic  creativity and relaxation. The holidays & associated breaks are among us, time to get your favorite spaces in order.

A cozy home is warm and full of good vibes; it’s a place you want to be. It’s a feeling that puts you in a loving and tranquil state. Just like personal style, your space is a reflection your subconscious mind & standards. Put effort into the simple process of  detailing your dwellings and watch a shift in the energy take place. Be intentional with what your add in your favorite spaces, so your able to fall in love with the same four walls over and over again.

TM Cozy Home 1

Start by clearing out all everything that no longer serves the space. If it doesn’t bring joy, warmth or the aesthetic you’re aiming for – it needs to go. Spend time on Pinterest creating a board around your desired aesthetic and then start searching for items on the below list that convey the energy you’re after. Choose a color palette that speaks to your spirit and incorporate earthy elements like wood or woven elements that create a style story when placed together. Below are a few of my favorite snugglessentials.

Cozy Club

  1. Faux Fur throw blankets
  2. Pillows, pillows & more pillows
  3. Essential oils & incense
  4. Storage baskets
  5. Super fuzzy Robe & Linens

Once you have cleared space & have a mental picture of your finished product, it’s time to shop. To keep this project wallet friendly, I suggest gathering your necessities from stores like Marshalls, Home goods, Ross & Ikea. If you’re handy on the sewing machine, take a trip to the fabric store & spend an afternoon sewing up some pillows & blankets. Have some extra coziness left over, why not gift a snuggle essential to your friend or family member?

TM Cozy Home 3I’m all about a minimalist home, full of soul – after adding the essential elements in all of my favorite rooms; I circled back and added more personality with board games, books and DVDs. By the time your done  one of 2 things are going to happen –1. you’re never going to want to leave home &’re probably going to curl up in your fuzzy faux fur and snooze in celebration of your super cozy home cave.

Mission accomplished. Happy Hibernating!

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