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I’m Taila,  the hands behind this natural bath & wellness brand. If I’m not creating earth inspired bath care so you can treat yourself Royal; I’m writing, practicing yoga or editing my latest style capsule. Since your allowing me the privilege to create your soaps & soaks, I want you to know a thing or three about me & my brand.  Meet me here for  self care rituals, minimalist style ideas & personal wellness tips. Sign up for my Tribe newsletter to receive monthly VIP love + a sweet little Earth Inspired bathing guide so you can start your own weekly tub ritual.

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Now that you know what to expect going forward, let’s take a few steps back so I can give you the background the brand. After having a traumatic eczema outbreak, Taila.Made was created as my solution to calm both my skin & spirit. Along my skin journey I had a dermatologist recommend  radiation for my serve hand eczema, and realized, I was going to have to figure something else out. I began studying herbalism, aromatherapy, natural skincare & hot process soap making.  My interest grew with my studies eventually  leading to my certification in natural skincare formulation, Kemetic Reiki & crystal healing . I now create products that promote soft skin & personal serenity as a form of royal radiance.

Handmade in Philly,  each product is intended to evolve your daily routines into an effortless escape. I love teaching women how to take breaks & treat themselves Royal- especially the ambitious ones. My eczema+ anxiety forced me to focus on my self-care habits which is why I now help others with my earth inspired luxuries.  All products are handmade, plant based & sensitive skin friendly.

I believe in long baths and their natural beauty. Self-care for me looks like – a tub, filled with fragrant flowers rich salts & oils, natural nutrients for our skin. Bathing is a beautiful & therapeutic, utilize my  products & resources to inspire your own rituals . My natural skincare formulator background helps me calculate recipes that gently  restore, moisturize and relax the skin and spirit .

Your personal Bathtanica, I source superior quality ingredients, infuse healing herbs and add a good vibes  to each  soak, soap & bath crystal.  Taila.Made’s Earth Inspired Luxuries  will evolve your personal care routine into a ritual that helps one radiate royalty through a stunning natural glow.

Meet me here for  posts on minimalist style, simple +natural beauty and rituals that help promote life balance. Stay a while, check out some more posts, shop or follow us on IG,  anything to take a break from adulting &  just chill.

Life is short, treat yourself Royal.

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